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Recognition driving business success

There can be few more effective ways to engage employees than through recognition of their effort, endeavour, achievement and success. Recognition programmes have the ability to make people feel good, improve relationships internally and create a thank you culture. But there is more to Recognition programmes than a ‘nice to have’ engagement initiative. (more…)

The book of Comms 10:1

From cascade to conversation

Employee communications were traditionally built around a simple belief that senior leadership knew more about everything than their employees. Internal communication strategies were built around this concept aimed at finding ways to get information from leader’s heads into the hands, hearts and minds of all employees. Cascading messages through layers of management to ensure that employees all got the same message, in the same manner, at the same time. This top down approach focused upon monologue rather than actively encouraging participation, discussion and dialogue. For many years this one size fits all approach was based upon traditional employee communication channels such as town hall meetings, newsletters, emails, magazines and bulletin boards. (more…)

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Employability – it’s not just about qualifications

We have had some fantastically ambitious and creative young interns in the studio recently – all benefitting from the rich and varied work experience on offer here at Playgroup. Like all good agencies, we’re committed to giving design students the opportunity to expand their horizons and experience the pressures of the commercial world in a busy and stimulating environment. Our designers are experienced mentors. They’ve all been through a creative education (some more recently than others) and understand the challenges faced by students and recent graduates. Consistently we’re told that life in an agency is completely different to the art school environment. Hopefully they leave with a better perspective of what life at work is really like.



Playgroup – with a view of the sea

Our studio is situated in the centre of one of the most creative parts of London – and therefore the world. We feed off the buzz of Clerkenwell and embrace the many opportunities the area offers us to network and collaborate with like-minded people.


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King’s Cross – an exciting destination

London is a vibrant and exciting place to be at the moment, and no-where more so than Kings Cross. Yep, Kings Cross!

It was a pleasure to be at the opening of Granary Square last week – now one of the largest public spaces in Europe. The square, as big as Trafalgar Square, is a great place to walk through or stop and relax, with the steps to the canal, the benches overlooking the fountains or the copse of trees at the far end. (more…)

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Can big business be genuinely good?

Today we hear that the energy companies are posting their highest ever profits, despite the fact that their customers have never struggled so much to meet their fuel bills. And for some time, the public have strongly held the view that the banks are modern-day pariahs who are responsible for all the global economic woes. My view is that that has been a team effort, of which they were part and many people should hang heads in shame. (more…)