We have a fantastic opportunity for a designer with a minimum of 2-3 years experience to join our creative team. We’re looking for someone who can demonstrate creative flair, confidence and a genuine passion for design, especially branding, web design and motion graphics. We’ll expect you to have a real can-do attitude and a desire to keep learning and progressing. In exchange you’ll get to work with some great clients and contribute to a broad range of projects and pitches in a busy and friendly studio environment.

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Getting animated in 2014

The past 12 months have been full of firsts for Playgroup, and one of these ‘firsts’ that really really stands out for me — not least because I’ve found myself saying this word about 50 times a day for the past few months — is animation.

At Playgroup we have managed and delivered many extremely successful, engaging and well received animations and videos for clients in previous years, so animation in and of itself is not new for us. What is new however, is that rather than working alongside various talented freelancers and external studios to handle the end-production as we have in the past, we made the decision to change things up and bring it all under our own roof. (more…)

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So long and thanks for all the tabs

The amount of time I spend closing tabs these days is getting ridiculous, honestly.

Is it that I don’t find the content interesting? Maybe it’s not what I was actually looking for? Or maybe it’s the, quite frankly disappointing, lack of animals ready to amuse me for 5 mins while InDesign ponders creating a PDF sometime between now and the rapture.

No, it’s none of those things.1 (more…)

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Mentor Me — One Year On

Its around this time of year that it all kicks off again with the MentorMe programme at the Colchester School of Art.

This year has seen a few changes, all for the better. Instead of running alongside the third year students studies in an external way, it is now intimately tied into the course. One of the great benefits of this is there is now accountability to ensure no one falls by the wayside.

It is a great opportunity to not only influence someones development (and provide a much needed industry experience for the student) but by being able to tap into the collective creativity of up-and-coming designers gives me, and the other mentors, great insight into new ideas and trends of the future.

As the programme really gets into gear I will be sharing the progress of my mentee, Georgina, and I will also be inviting her to contribute blog posts of her own.

And, after all is said and done, it’s still an excellent excuse to meet people whilst looking at some exciting work over a cold one in the SU.

You can see some of Georgina’s work on her tumblr, here

Photo by Peter Marano

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It’s Courier, just… better.

Courier is one of those fonts that everyone knows (it’s the typewriter one yeah?) but not many know it’s history in the lime-light.

Through it’s inclusion with on IBM’s best-selling Selectric II typewriter, it soon became the default typeface of choice for screenplays that wound their way that Mecca of film, Hollywood. (more…)

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The Art of the Olympics

The Olympic Park in London may still be out of bounds for most of us, but the Art in the Park programme has now been unveiled, offering a glimpse of the 26 new arts installations that have been commissioned in celebration of the 2012 Games.” (more…)

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Design & Code

Just a quick blog tonight, but I wanted to talk about an argument that I’ve seen doing the rounds fairly often. It goes something like “should designers learn to code? And should developers learn to design?” I’m going to touch on the first part, and in my opinion? Yes, but not to the extents that some suggest. Let’s face it, we’re not all going to become developers overnight. (more…)

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Firstsite Gallery

September saw some of the biggest changes in my life so far, the first, making the transition from intern to a full-time member of the Playgroup team (I can still hardly believe I’m getting paid for doing what I love), and secondly, from student to graduate. (more…)

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