Can big business be genuinely good?

Today we hear that the energy companies are posting their highest ever profits, despite the fact that their customers have never struggled so much to meet their fuel bills. And for some time, the public have strongly held the view that the banks are modern-day pariahs who are responsible for all the global economic woes. My view is that that has been a team effort, of which they were part and many people should hang heads in shame. (more…)


Typography in Smithfield

Look what I missed!

Having been storming back and forth between the station, studio and other indiscriminate locations around the city I have only noticed recently that I’ve been missing some amazing old school typography just around the corner from the office – The former Port of London Authority cold store, Smithfield.

You see neon lettering, flashing LED’s and all other crazy shouting signage these days that it’s nice to have a piece of type that’s monstrously subtle.

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Type kerning game!

Test your kerning skills with this fun game

“Your mission is simple: achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters. Typographers call this activity kerning.”

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ownacolour1 – help save a life

Dulux has teamed up with Unicef and launched a website where users can buy one of the 16.7 million colours that a smartphone can display. By donating at least £1 you can put your name against a colour of your choice or donate one to a friend. All the money goes directly to helping transform childrens lives.

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Last month myself Ben and Alistair attended Glug ‘Make mine a Music Video! The event had a music twist with directors, producers and commisioners talking through their work and the creative process. The evening was truely inspirational and one of the best glugs we have been to – thought ‘The Found Collective’ really stood out. (more…)

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Design Museum – Design Overtime!

Earlier this month we headed down to the Design Museum Summer Party. The fete style evening featured hat making, cucumber in crustless white bread, random fabric cut into triangles and games including the ‘poppermatic challenge’ to become this year’s Design Museum ‘Frustration’ champion. As you will see Gem was the champion from our table – she just kept on taking me and Ben S out. :) There was also an after-hours opportunity to see the museum’s exhibitions. These included the well reviewed Wim Crouwel A graphic Odyssey and Brit Insurance Designs of the Year. (more…)

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Degrees are a go, go!

It is officially degree show time. One of the most exciting/nervous times of the year for many in the creative industry. For the studios and agencies it’s a chance to see what the new kinds on the block are doing and finding your latest intern or junior designer. For the host of freelancers it’s another wave of competition to spur them on to even greater promotional heights to make sure they aren’t forgotten in the flood.

And for last year’s graduates they can take it one of two ways. Either they are no longer the fresh-faced coffee kids and can now take a more senior role, however slight that seniority may be. Or they can see it as an invasion on their new blood credentials and look at the new applied pressure to in the hunt for work.

All in all it should be good fun and some cracking work will be strung up around London I’m sure for all to admire.

Playgroup will be attending some of the London based shows this years and having a peruse around D&AD New Blood, Free Range and New Designers which are sure to draw the big crowds once again. I have had a sneaky look back around my old Norwich University College of the Arts and have to say they are still coming out with an avalanche of great new designers, illustrators, typographers and other arty type fellows.

It will be a joy to behold once again this year I’m sure.

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Inky Mayhem

The Playgroup gang recently ‘pulled a sicky’ and indulged in a spot of inky mayhem, at a screen printing workshop at Print Club London. In an increasingly digital world, screen printing is a refreshingly imperfect analogue process. The workshop gave us the opportunity to roll up our sleeves, get creative and get messy – yes even the bean counters! (more…)

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One Word Brief

One Word Brief is a bunch of people who love great graphic design, calling on graphic designers everywhere to show what they can do. The brief is simple designers had to choose one of the following words and respond by designing an A3 poster. (more…)

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Pick me up

London’s graphic art fair is back at Somerset House – Pick Me Up opened today and runs until March 27. This year it will feature exhibited work by 24 artists plus a range of collectives, live printing workshops and lots more cool stuff…


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Glug – Things To Make & Do

Myself and a few of the guys here recently headed down to Glug at Cargo. The theme was ‘Things To Make & Do’. Mr Smith had created a limited edition poster for all attendees. Mine is waiting to be framed! Pics and website below. (more…)