Blood, sweat and gears

So the Tour de Playgroup is less than five weeks away and I thought I would give a brief update on our training and perhaps just a few thoughts on why the challenge is so important to me. I think it’s safe to say that some of us are taking training more seriously than others – I am most definitely one of the ‘others’. Kudos to Paul for getting out in his lycra come rain or shine.


Anyway, despite my lack of a disciplined training regime, I am now the proud owner of a 2014 Cube Peloton Pro Triple, 56cm Road Race Bike, Shimano Pd-R540 Spd-SI Road Pedals and Shimano Cycling Shoes. Now I don’t know what much of that means, but I do know that clip-in shoes are really, really hard to get used to. A little tip. Always un-clip before attempting a dismount. If you don’t, well, blood.


So why are a bunch of amateur cyclists attempting such a challenge? What’s driving us? Actually, if someone was driving us it would be a whole heap easier, but that wouldn’t be much fun. For me, the beauty of an endeavour like this, is that it brings all of us together, one team with one common goal. We will conquer those hills, we will beat the saddle sores, we will wear ridiculously tight clothes and ultimately we will ride triumphantly into Lymington.

And it’s all for a really great cause – Tommy’s, the charity that funds research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage. Most of the Tour de Playgroup team have children of our own. For some of us, my wife and I included, this wasn’t without it’s own set of challenges. We’re really blessed to have two great kids. Tommy’s helps other parents, and parents-to-be cope with their challenges. Please support us, and help to support Tommy’s in the fantastic work that they do.


My bike has 30 gears. Thirty! I have used 5. If someone could tell me what the other 25 do I would really appreciate it.

Please give what you can in support of the Tour de Playgroup. We have an ambitious goal to raise £2500, so every pound will help. You can sponsor us on Givey or Just Giving by following the links below.

Thank you

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