Digital Revolution Installation At The Barbican Centre

Digital Revolution

It’s a digital revolution at the Barbican and we went along and had a look. Digital has come a long way since young Matt designed his first graphics with a Mac Colour classic 25 years ago. We now have lasers left right and centre, movement tracking cameras, 3D projection mapping, the world wide web, fibre broadband and phones that would have been capable of launching a man to the Moon in the late 60′s to name a few. (more…)


Mobile App vs Mobile Website

Last week a mobile app made the news, when Dong Nguyen of .GEARS Studio in Vietnam removed his fiendishly difficult game Flappy Bird (with over 50 million downloads) from online stores due to it’s addictive nature. It’s not just independent developers like Nguyen that successfully publish apps, all kinds of different organisations do so, and for a multitude of different reasons. Perhaps as a PR tool, to reach a specialised market, or utility apps designed to increase brand engagement. Whatever their objective, organisations are increasingly looking at building their mobile presence and often a mobile app seems like the obvious choice.


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So long and thanks for all the tabs

The amount of time I spend closing tabs these days is getting ridiculous, honestly.

Is it that I don’t find the content interesting? Maybe it’s not what I was actually looking for? Or maybe it’s the, quite frankly disappointing, lack of animals ready to amuse me for 5 mins while InDesign ponders creating a PDF sometime between now and the rapture.

No, it’s none of those things.1 (more…)

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