No more white walls please!

In fact, no more walls at all, thanks… not how we currently know them at least.

It really is the end of those narrow corridors, identical desks and chairs in their hundreds in dull, uninspiring spaces with low ceilings and lights that turn you into a zombie by midday. Goodbye to those rigid, so called ‘formal’ meeting rooms, tiny kitchens and limited social spaces.

These days offices are more than just spaces with computers in rows, with no personality. Workspaces adapt to new technologies and are more agile than ever. It seems, that the possibilities are endless. Traditional office work is becoming a thing of the past as we adopt new ways of working and proudly make the most of a new, innovative office environment that we feel part of.

Most importantly, today’s office is a direct reflection of the company’s brand and it’s values. No longer just a place, it’s an experience, an interaction with the brand. Design is becoming more and more important for the office environment.


Modern technologies, social media, global thinking, the importance of transparency, honesty, the wellbeing of employees and so on, are certainly making a lasting impression on the office environment.

Walls are coming down, creating a larger, more open plan working space where different areas are created within the space. Areas with soft, lounge seating, informal spaces near workstations, allow and encourage collaboration, flexibility, freedom and above all, creativity. Such areas seem to become the central zone for offices for brainstorms, business meetings and for socialising, while workstations are downsizing. There are no limits to the design of these areas, from integrated technologies, flexible, multifunctional units through to innovative materials. To create balance within these highly engaging, stimulating and motivating settings (instead of separate rooms) there are custom-made acoustic pods, booths, furniture with noise-cancellation screens are used.

Colour is also key. Brand colours bravely appear on different materials/surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors through to furniture and lighting. Natural materials are also on trend (is there another word to ‘trend’? I hate it!) as well as bringing the outside in. People work better when they don’t feel enclosed. The feeling of the outdoors stimulates the brain leading to more open and creative thinking.

One trend that seems to get ever stronger is playfulness.
While some of the largest companies lead the way with mega-slides, one long continuous desk that snakes around the office, indoor picnic areas and roads, the fun has just begun!

A well designed office has a multiple effect on the company and the way it’s employees feel. Working in an office environment that makes people happy also boosts productivity and creativity. Employees are kept inspired and engaged. Offices begin to feel more personal and adapt to the people within.

In 2015 we’re excited about bringing this thinking to life in workspaces around the world.

Images (left to right)

Top row  /  Cisco Meraki, San Francisco  /  Publices  /  Google, Amsterdam  /  Google, Zurich  /  The Barbarian Group, New York

Bottom row  /  Second Home, London   / Cisco Meraki, San Francisco  /  Yandex, St. Petersburg   /  Forward Media Group, Moscow  /  HootSuite, Vancouver  /  Airbnb, Portland  /  BBC Worldwide, Sydney  /  Student Loans Company, Glasgow

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